Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Farmer Day in Preschool...What I'm Wearing

Tomorrow in preschool, we will be wrapping up our discussion of the farm by celebrating Farmer Day! We will talk about what the farmer does, make butter, have a stick horse and spoon and egg relay, and have wagon rides around the parking lot. We will also all dress like farmers. Since I am wearing my plaid shirt, I thought it would be fun to show you how I can remix it for different seasons. My plaid shirt was thrifted. And as far as my picture with my cowboy boots...well, I'm from Tennessee and we wear cowboy boots :)

Preschool Farmer Day Outfit

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Few More Pics of My Room

Here are a few more pictures of my preschool classroom. I teach at a private Christian school that houses 18 month olds-12th graders!! My first year of teaching I taught 2 year olds, last year I taught 3-4 year olds, and now I'm teaching a mixed class of 2-3 year olds! I teach mainly through play and my learning centers, but we also have 2 large group times and 1 small group time. I don't like spending a lot of money to decorate so I mainly use the butcher paper and dicuts at my school to decorate my classroom. Most of my decorations look simple and were easy to make. Since some of you teach just 2s , or just 3s, or just 4s, I'll try to post some pictures of my learning centers this year and some from last year in another post so you can see the difference in my room! These pictures are from my current classroom. The first picture is one of my front bulletin boards (I haven't written the kids' names yet on the flowers). The second picture is my Reading Center and Felt Board. The last picture is the welcome sign I made for the beginning of school.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Floral Skirt

Today I wanted to show you how I style a floral skirt different ways. Some of you may like A-line skirts, long skirts, short skirts, or pencil skirts, so find one that fits your style. I am not a huge fan of pencil skirts (I only have one right now) or skirts in general, but they are growing on me because they are pretty versatile. In order to have a re-mixable teaching wardrobe, you might want to invest in one or two neutral colored skirts, one colorful skirt, and one printed skirt, such as my floral skirt. At the moment, I have a black pencil skirt, a denim skirt, a floral skirt, and a maxi skirt in my closet. I'm currently on the hunt to find a colored one I like! By adding different shirts, cardigans, and shoes, I can wear this skirt many different ways in Spring and Summer. All of my other skirts I can wear throughout the whole year by adding leggings, tights, or boots. This is the only skirt I have to put away for Fall/Winter because the print is a bit too "summery."

Outfit 1: Shirt: Kohl's, Belt: Target, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Payless
Outfit 2: Shirt: Loft Outlet, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Marshall's
Outfit 3: Shirt: Banana Republic Factory Outlet, Belt: Target, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Payless

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Peek Into My Preschool Classroom

Here are a few snapshots of my preschool classroom for the beginning of the school year. My theme for my classroom is "On the Farm." I will eventually put the kids' seasonal artwork on the tractor's trailer. I will also put our class pictures on the "Horsin' Around" shelf. I hot-glued denim fabric (on sale at Walmart) to the backs of my shelves and laminated my border and bulletin board set. If little hands and feet rub against the back of them, it won't do any major damage like it would just paper! Finally, they just installed my new smartboard that I can't wait to use!

One Dress Many Ways

This is my one of my favorite dresses that came from Goodwill!

Just Beginning

Well folks, I finally took the plunge and decided to start blogging. I don't really know what I'm doing yet so bear with me. I wanted to create this blog for teachers to show them how to build a wardrobe for teaching, and provide them with some activities for their early childhood classrooms. I also wanted to reach out to petite women who have a hard time finding clothes to fit. I am very petite standing at 4'9! Finding clothes to fit, especially for work, is almost impossible at times. I understand that some of you are not petite or have a style like mine, but hopefully I can show you how to make your clothes more versatile. And finally, I hope to post some pictures of my preschool classroom that might give you some new ideas (we can all use some of those)! Here is an outfit I wore the first week of school.
(I forgot to mention that I am very thrifty! A lot of my clothes are second-hand or come from Walmart or Target.)
Shirt: Loft, Pants: Kohl's, Shoes: Marshall's