Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting Ready For A New School Year!

Have any of you other teachers been up to the school trying to get your room ready yet? This teacher has! Since I changed positions and schools, there is so MUCH to do! Furthermore, school starts back in one week so I am doing practical decorations this year. My door I decorated today is pictured below. I am still running with my farm theme, but since my new door is navy blue I decided not to cover it with paper. Simple, easy to make, cute, and still goes with my theme. I'll add my students names to the apples and my name when I get my class list (and excuse the peanut allergy sign!)! I am teaching in an urban, older school so my classroom looks a little different from before!

I also posted an outfit for you that I have worn to open house/meet the teacher night.

Dress: Francesca's
Cardigan: Express
Shoes: Marshall's

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